I Want to Make a Payment

How to make payments on your child support case(s)

When making a payment, make sure your NAME, SETS Case Number (ten digits and starts with a 7), and ORDER Number are printed CLEARLY on your form of payment to ensure proper credit to your account.  You can make a payment in the following ways:


PO BOX 182372

To ensure proper credit of your payment, you MUST include your Name, Sets #, and Order # on every payment.  Failure to do so may result in a delay in posting your payment. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.



https://oh.smartchildsupport.com/  –Currently accepts bank account, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, China UnionPay, Diners Club International and JCB.  OR CALL:  Ohio Child Support Payment Central – 1-888-965-2676 option #5                  ***NO FEES  🙂


https://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/–Ability to make credit or debit card payments.





(checking/saving account debit)
fees may apply





(credit/debit card, Discover/Mastercard)
fees may apply at a rate of 2.95% (up to $60.00 max fee charge per their website)


Ohio Child Support Payment Central:  1-888-965-2676 option #5  (NO FEES)

e-ChildsPay also offers an Interactive Voice Response system to make payment by credit or debit card by calling 1-866-645-6348 – Fees may apply at rate of 2.95% (up to $60.00 max fee charge)



OR 1-800-923-9400 to find MoneyGram locations

Bring the following items to the location:

  • Cash (Enough to make your child support payment plus $3.99 fee)
  • Your Account Number (SETS Case# and Court Order #)
  • Receive Code (14674)


We only accept cash in the exact amount at our local office and are not able to provide change. Thank you for understanding.

You are also able to pay by check or money order (made payable to OCSPC) at our local office (please write your name and SETS case number on the payment).  A receipt will be provided at the time of payment for your records.

***Please be advised that most counties accept payments to apply to your case even if your case is handled by a different county.  Medina CSEA will gladly post your payment to your case that is administered by a different county and a receipt will be provided at the time of payment for your records.



What’s the quickest way to get a payment to the payee?

A payment made in cash and at the CSEA will allocate to the case and be disbursed quicker than any other method of payment.  If the cash payment is made by 1:59 pm, the payment will show on SETS the following day and disburse to the case the next day.

Why is my payment late?

A payment is not considered “late” until it is two (2) weeks past the date it should have been received. Companies process payroll weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. When payments are coming from an employer, the case should receive payments at the same rate as the payor/employee is paid. Sometimes there is a disruption in payments and we either don’t receive one or it’s late.  There are several reasons for late payments:

  • The employer paid the child support obligation late (changing payroll systems, change in personnel, etc.);
  • There was a holiday and payment processing is off by one or two days;
  • The payment was delayed by the post office;
  • The payor did not work during the time frame (sick, vacation, not enough hours, etc);
  • Payments are garnished from a bank account and the bank account has insufficient funds;
  • If the payor pays the obligation on his/her own, he/she has the entire calendar month to make the payment. For example, a payment can be made 5/1/16 and the next one made 6/30/16. As long as the payment is made during the month, it is not considered a “late” payment.

What if I give the payee child support directly (not through CSEA)?

Any payment NOT paid through the CSEA is considered a gift. You are court ordered to pay through the CSEA (check your child support order). The CSEA cannot credit your case with a payment that is not made through payment central. The only way the CSEA can give credit for any payment NOT made through payment central is by court order. The parties to the case would need to file a motion in court addressing the payment and instructing the CSEA to give credit for this payment. No exceptions!

What are administrative fees?

Ohio charges a two percent (2%) administrative processing fee on all cases.  This fee is mentioned in all child support orders.  The fee is not assessed to the client, we are not “taking money from the child”. The fee is assessed to the payor on a case and is often the last arrears balance paid.

Why is my payment short?

Ohio charges a 2% administrative processing fee on all child support cases.  After the child and medical support (if applicable) obligation is paid in full in a calendar month, the CSEA may collect the administrative processing fee charged on the case.  This payment is NOT assessed to the client but rather to the payor on the case.  We are not taking child support or “taking money from the child” as the fees are paid after current support is paid for the month.

What are my options in receiving child support payments?

There are several ways in which a client on a case can receive child support payments:

  • Via Check if we do not have any other payment method on the case (not preferred);
  • The Ohio e-QuickPay Debit MasterCard card IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE but if you are a current cardholder, you will still be able to use any balance of funds on the card until balance is reduced to zero.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT NEW DEBIT CARDS WILL BE ISSUED TO E-QUICKPAY CARD HOLDERS IN JUNE 2019 SO IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE CSEA HAS THE CORRECT ADDRESS FOR THE NEW CARD TO BE MAILED (payments would start applying to the new card effective July 1, 2019).  If  your e-QuickPay card is stolen or lost, you must call 800-503-1283;
  • Via Direct Deposit to a checking or savings account. For this type of payment you will need to complete an enrollment/ authorization form which you can access here http://jfs.ohio.gov/Ocs/pdf/DirectDeposit_Enrollmentform.pdf. When selected, this choice overrides paper check.  If you change accounts or banks, you must notify the CSEA immediately to avoid payments disbursing to a closed account. You will also need to complete another enrollment/authorization form for the new account.

Why didn’t I get any money if a payment has posted?

There could be several reasons that a payment has been received and the payee has not received it:

  • If you are receiving cash assistance through the state of Ohio, your child support payment will be disbursed to the state of Ohio. You cannot receive both child support and cash benefits through the state of Ohio. Receiving both at the same time is considered welfare fraud. If you are receiving cash benefits through the state and you want to receive child support instead, contact your Jobs and Family Services (JFS) worker. Once your cash benefits are terminated with JFS, our system will be notified and child support payments will disburse to you via the type of payment option on file (Check, e-QuickPay card, or Direct Deposit account);
  • If you are receiving Medicaid and your case has a cash medical support obligation, the amount specified for cash medical support may be disbursing to the state of Ohio;
  • Have you received an order from court which states support is to be escrowed until further notice? Generally when a case is being referred for termination of support (due to emancipation of a child, adoption of a child, death of a child, etc.) the court will also file an Escrow Order. If the court has issued an Escrow Order, only the court can release it;
  • We may have received notice from the post office that you are no longer at the residence we have on file. If we cannot locate an address for you, your payments may go on hold. The CSEA requires change of address in writing.  Please mail, fax or send a message through the portal at https://childsupport.ohio.gov/login.jsf advising of your address change and payment on hold;
  • The payment may be a joint federal tax refund. These payments are held for six (6) months to give the payor’s spouse time to claim his/her portion of the refund;
  • If none of these apply to your case, you may want to check the web portal at https://childsupport.ohio.gov/login.jsf or contact the CSEA directly for further review.

I am the payor and received a payment from the CSEA

There are several reasons why the payor may be refunded a child support payment from the CSEA:

  • If you are receiving Ohio Bureau of Employment Services (OBES) benefits and we are receiving child support payments from these benefits there’s a good chance the support arrears on your case are paid in full. Our system will not allow an overpayment of support when the payments are being received from OBES;
  • Is or was your case going through a termination of child support? If so, when the court ordered Escrow is released, if you are paid in full the CSEA will refund money to you to avoid an overpayment;
  • We received a tax offset payment that was higher than the arrears owed on the case. The arrears owed were paid off and the remainder of the payment is being refunded to you;
  • Your arrears are paid in full and money is being refunded to you. It’s possible your employer did not receive the termination of withholding notice. You may want to contact your payroll to see if they have received anything from the CSEA. If not, contact the CSEA and let us know that you are being refunded payments.

Requesting a record of payments

You can access a payment record via the web portal at https://childsupport.ohio.gov/login.jsf or you can request a payment record via telephone, fax or email. If we have your email address we can email it to you. We can also mail it to you or you can come pick it up at the agency. We do not, however, fax payment records.

I don’t agree with what’s in my Divorce/Dissolution Order

Any divorce actions, including but not limited to child support, medical support, custody, visitation, property settlements, must be handled/filed in court.