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What is your purpose?

Were you meant to make a difference and to impact  lives?  Were you meant to be a light in the darkness for a child, a family, and a community?   Knowing who you are is one thing.  Doing something about it starts here. 

Now Hiring Difference Makers 

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Medina County Job and Family Services is currently looking for people like you who share our passion for the safety, well being, and happiness of children.  Someone needs to stand up for what is right.  That’s what we do.  It’s not easy, but it matters.

If you could lend a hand to a child who needs one, would you look the other way?.  Of course not. At Medina County Job and Family Services, we get to help children everyday.  And right now, we need your help to do that.

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It is your career.  What do you want?

I want...


I want to be where working for a better community matters.  I want a better future for all of us, and that starts right here at home

I want...


I want to be a part of a team, working together for each other.  I want to be able to count on my teammates and help them make a difference

I want...


I want to work for kids, and for families, and for a brighter future for all of us.  I want to make a difference for those who can't help themselves

I want...


I want flexibility at work , with benefits that fit my position.  I want to be fairly compensated.  And I want to make a difference everyday

If you said yes to any of these potential outcomes, you may be a fit.  Get started on your new career today.

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Join our Team

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Official Child Services Caseworker Job Information and Application

Are you child focused, team oriented, and passionate about making a difference?  Do you like an active and creative work environment?   If you answered "Yes!", we want you to join our team of child welfare professionals.

As a Child Services Caseworker, you’ll work on the behalf of children to:

  • Assess their safety 
  • Investigate their home environment
  • Advocate for their well being and make decisions to keep them safe
  • Stand up for them in ongoing case management to make a long term difference
  • Facilitate foster care and adoptive opportunities
  • Provide additional wrap around support as needed

At Medina County Job and Family Services, we are a team, and so you’ll never be alone in the fight for what is right. If you have at least a bachelors degree in social work or related field, we’ll train and support you from there.

The best part...we feel that your satisfaction comes first, even before you can help others.  And so, we provide:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Excellent public sector health, life and financial benefits
  • Flexibility to fit your lifestyle

Find your purpose.  Find your Strength.  Find your Future with Medina County Job and Family Services

You can do this!  Apply Now and let's make a difference, together!  Quick Apply Here

Medina County Job and Family Services is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and promotes a drug free workplace.  

Being part of Child Protective Services is so much more than a career

There is nothing ordinary about working for Medina County Child Protective Services

Make no mistake, it is not an easy job.  There will be long days, and hard conversations.  There will be tears.  Some of those may be yours.  But there will also be a child, or children who need your help. There will be a difference that needs to be made.  And there will be you, and your team, to make sure that happens.  

Looking for ordinary?  This may not be for you.  

Welcome to Medina County Job and Family Services
A note from Debbie Kiley, Director

Hello, This is Debbie Kiley, Director of Medina County Job and Family Services.  If you are considering a change for good in your career, and if that includes making some good happen for children in our community, then I would be excited to talk with you.  This job isn’t for everyone.  It’s not easy.  But the best things in life rarely are.  I am blessed to be a part of positive change in Medina every day, and you can be too.   I look forward to meeting you to see if working with us at Medina County Job and Family Services is how you’ll find your purpose, and your strength.  And your future.

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