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ATTENTION TO ALL SNAP RECIPIENTS - Congress temporarily increased SNAP benefits due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. This means you have been getting more benefits on your EBT card each month than you normally would. The federal law has changed and no longer allows for SNAP emergency allotments. Your last SNAP emergency allotment will be in February 2023, and your benefits will be reduced to your normal amount beginning March 2023. Your normal amount is the first SNAP benefit you receive each month- the emergency allotment has been the second SNAP benefit issued at the end of the month. You will continue to receive your normal SNAP amount; only the emergency allotment SNAP benefit you received at the end of each month is stopping.

Please note that neither the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, nor your county agency, have control over this change. Because this is a federal law change, there are no fair hearing rights or fair hearing benefits on the ending of the SNAP emergency allotments.

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Work. Child care. Struggling to make ends meet. You want the best for your family, but day-to-day life throws so many challenges, it can be hard to catch your breath. But you don’t need to go it alone.
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Public Assistance

Do you need day-to-day assistance with groceries, health, or child care costs? Learn more about what MCJFS offers.

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Social Services

Is someone you know a victim of abuse or neglect? We care about the safety of your loved ones and are here to help.

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Child Support

Are you looking to receive or pay child support? Get the care your family deserves with help from MCJFS.

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Foster Care and Adoption: Impacting Lives

Step forward and make a difference! Whether you’re married or single, own or rent, you can change a child’s life for the better by becoming a foster or adoptive parent. 

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Find your Purpose.  Find your Strength.  Find your Future.

Medina County Job and Family Services is hiring people like you who want to make a difference in the lives of children and families in our community.  Learn more

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News from MCJFS
An Inside Look at Fostering

March 20, 2023

The Collins family shares their experience fostering teens and adopting one, and the impact it has had on the teens as well as their family.

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Caring Kids

February 13, 2023

We love seeing kids learning about our community and finding ways to get involved!

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Upcoming Events
Pinwheel Walk

April 16, 2023

The Children's Center of Medina County is hosting a Community Pinwheel Walk to raise awareness about child abuse prevention and to show solidarity with survivors of abuse.

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Foster Care Expo

April 29, 2023

ODJFS, in collaboration with private and public foster care agencies, is hosting a Foster Care Expo for potential and current foster parents to take place on Saturday, April 29th.

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St. Ambrose Soup Supper - Foster Care Awareness

May 18, 2023

St. Ambrose is hosting a Soup Supper with staff and foster parent guest speakers from MCJFS. May is National Foster Care Month. MCJFS staff will share info about the foster care system and the current needs. Scott Ward will also speak at this event.

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