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Child Support

Support is Key in the Life of Your Child(ren)

Child support payments are more than just the payment of money; they are an investment in the well-being, care and future of a child. We emphasize the importance of the role both parents play in their child’s life. We strive to make child support a family-first program, ensuring that children receive the financial and medical support of both parents. We are here to assist with the following functions:

  • Location of custodial or non-custodial parents or alleged fathers
  • Paternity establishment
  • Establishment of Administrative child support and medical support orders
  • Enforcement and modification of Administrative child support and medical support orders
  • Enforcement and modification of Court child support and medical support orders
  • Limited enforcement of spousal support orders
  • Collection of support payments
  • Distribution of support payments
  • Assistance seeking employment

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Ohio Child Support Mobile Application

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Child Support Customer Service Web Portal


Keep your child support information at your fingertips. 

Register to create an account or log in on the Mobile App or Web Portal using the links above as a convenient and secure way to manage your child support case: 

  • View and print a payment history on your case (a maximum of two years)
  • View real-time information on your child support case
  • Update information on your child support case
  • Send secure messages to the Child Support office
  • Upload documents to the Child Support office
  • Make payments by credit or debit card (NO FEES)

*Effective March 1, 2020, we will no longer provide payment history printouts  as you can print your own on the Web Portal.  If  a valid reason exists, the CSEA will provide a payment history.

What do I need if I’m creating an account for the first time? 
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Make a Payment

To ensure proper credit of your payment, you must include your name, SETS Case Number, and Court Order Number on every payment. Failure to do so may result in a delay in posting your payment. Please be advised that most counties accept payments to apply to your case even if your case is handled by a different county. Medina CSEA will gladly post your payment to your case that is administered by a different county and a receipt will be provided at the time of payment for your records.

Ohio Child Support Payment Central: (888) 965-2676 option #5 (no fees)
OCSPC, PO Box 182372, Columbus, OH 43218

If paying with cash, bring the exact amount to our office at 232 Northland Drive, Medina; we are unable to make change. You may also pay with a check or money order, made payable to OCSPC.
Go to: 
OR call (800) 923-9400 to find MoneyGram locations.
Items to take to the location: Cash (for payment plus $3.99 fee); SETS Case Number; Court Order Number; and Receive Code (14674).


Support Orders


Establishment of a Support Order

A child support order determines the financial and medical support responsibilities of the parents. There are two ways a child support order can be established. 

Learn More about Establishment of a Support Order Application for Services


Adjustment Review of my Support Order

The CSEA can review a current child support order every 36 months from the date of the last review of the order. We may be able to review it sooner if qualifications are met and REQUIRED documentation is provided by the requestor.

View the Adjustment Review Process  Adjustment Review Request Form 


Enforcement of a Support Order

There are many options for the Enforcement of a Support Order including Administrative Enforcement Tools and Legal Enforcement Tools. 

Learn More about Enforcement of a Support Order


Emancipation/Termination of a Support Order

Medina County CSEA handles the termination of child support orders either judicially or administratively based on the jurisdiction of the existing order. 

Learn More about Emancipation and/or Termination of a Support Order


Establishment of Paternity  

Central Paternity Registry FAQ's about Paternity  

What is Paternity and why is it important?

Paternity Establishment is the legal determination of fatherhood. Paternity establishment is important for many reasons, including legal rights and privileges. It can provide emotional, social, and economic ties between the father and child. The child may gain access to medical histories, inheritance rights, access to the father’s medical and life insurance benefits, and the child may qualify for certain benefits, such as social security and veteran’s benefits. Paternity must be established before a support obligation can be ordered.

Learn More about Establishment of Paternity

Employer / Financial Institution Resources

Employer Resource Overview

Office of Child Support Employer Resource Overview

Employer Electronic Child Support Payment Options Video

Ohio Child Support Payment Central Internet Payment Website

Employer Resource Guide

The JFS 08020 – Employer’s Resource Guide to Child Support was developed to help employers manage Ohio child, spousal and medical support orders. Regardless of the size of the organization or the number of individuals employed, this guide will help ensure that employee child support orders are processed accurately and timely.

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement offers online tools that can help employers meet some of the requirements previously mentioned in this booklet. For additional information about electronic income-withholding orders or to learn more about reporting employee terminations and lump-sum notifications electronically, please visit the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.

View More Resources

Assistance Finding Employment

Pathways to Employment program

Our agency is aware that there are many factors that may impact your ability to pay support. To assist parents in finding employment, we have created a program called “Pathways to Employment”. Qualifying participants have access to some new incentives. Please take the time to learn more!

Learn more about Pathways and Assistance Finding Employment

Medical Coverage

Pursuant to OAC 5101:12-47 Establishment of Medical Support Provisions, an order for Health Care Coverage is established for the child(ren) subject to the support order when a Child Support order is established by a Court or the Administrative Hearing process.

Pursuant to OAC 5101:12-57 Enforcement of Medical Support Provisions, the CSEA has a responsibility to enforce the medical support provisions contained in a child support order.

Learn More about Medical Coverage

What the CSEA does NOT do: 

  • Deal directly with issues of visitation and/or custody;
  • Discuss a case with a third party without having written consent of the payor or payee (i.e. private counsel unless the Attorney of record, spouse, parent, child, etc.);
  • Provide copies of Domestic or Juvenile court orders. The parties to the case must request these from court directly;
  • Offer and/or provide legal advice. The parties to the case should contact private counsel or contact Domestic Relations Legal Resource Center directly;
  • Represent the payor or payee at court proceedings. While the CSEA will have attorneys present at hearings held at court, she or he represents the CSEA and NOT the payor or payee individually;
  • Assign different case managers based on the request of the parties of the case. Case managers are neutral and responsible for the establishment and enforcement of support orders. They do not represent either party;
  • Give credit for payments made directly from one party to the other, outside of the CSEA. By law and as stated in your order, direct payments are considered a gift;
  • Waive child support obligations or arrears. Termination of child support and forgiveness of arrears must be handled in court unless your case is strictly “Administrative”.
  • Instruct or verify how support is used by the payee;
  • Give advice on tax exemption questions;
  • Use current spouse (of either party) income to determine support order obligations. Only the income of the parties to a case are used in establishing or adjusting a child support order;
  • Enforce unreimbursed medical costs;
  • Fax payment information

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