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Employer / Financial Institution Resources

Office of Child Support Employer Resource Overview: Developed to help employers manage Ohio child, spousal and medical support orders. Regardless of the size of the organization or the number of individuals employed, this guide will help ensure that employee child support orders are processed accurately and timely.

Ohio Child Support Payment Central Internet Payment Website: Is dedicated to providing quality customer service to employers who need assistance with the child support payment process.

Ohio’s New Hire Reporting Center: Ohio employers also must report all newly hired employees and independent contractors who live or work in Ohio within 20 days of their start dates. New-hire reporting helps CSEA locate parents who owe support. Employers may report new employees using a variety of methods, including online reporting (www.oh-newhire.com), electronic reporting, mail or fax.

Medical Support Orders and the National Medical Support Notice: All child support orders include information about how a child’s medical coverage will be paid. This may come in the form of an order for one or both parents to obtain and provide health insurance (if available) or to enroll in a plan once it becomes available. The National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) is a federally required notice used to identify available medical coverage and to enforce medical support orders for minor children. It is used throughout the United States to enroll children in health insurance coverage through a parent’s employer.

Financial Institution Resources: Financial institutions play a vital role in ensuring that Ohio's families receive the support they deserve by way of wage withholding, client account withdrawals, and FIDM Match.

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement: The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement offers online tools that can help employers meet some of the requirements previously mentioned in this booklet. Including information about electronic income-withholding orders, reporting employee terminations and lump-sum notifications electronically. 

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