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Raising the Bar Against Abuse Fundraising Event

Layne Hedden April 22, 2022


April is National Child Abuse Prevention month – a month set aside for communities across the country to recognize the need for protective services for youth in crisis and honor those who work to protect and provide services for these families. 

Medina County Job and Family Services Child Protective Division works each day to protect the community’s youth. We believe in providing these youth, and their families, with proper care and rehabilitative opportunities. We believe that youth with complex circumstances deserve a chance at a life well-lived, one free from the trauma of abuse and one full of healing and purpose. 

To honor this worthwhile cause, Root 18 CrossFit Medina is once again hosting their annual “Raising the Bar Against Abuse” event. The event on April 30th from 7AM – 12PM will help raise funds for the Health and Human Services levy. Your contribution will assist with the ongoing fundraising efforts to help abused/neglected youth. 

Last year alone, the County’s Child Protective Division responded to 1,900 reports of abuse/neglect. These calls arrive 24-hours a day, 365 days a year – our phones are never turned off. 
The Division is mandated to review and investigate allegations of abuse/neglect. When the risk is considered significant, we intervene. That intervention comes at a cost. Whether it is to provide a child with clothing, a foster family with a crib, or something far more immediate, like extensive medical treatment, the levy helps us fund those necessities for youth at risk.
In just one month alone, the division can spend over $150,000 for the care of our community’s at-risk youth, and while the division leverages state and federal allocations, it’s not enough. The needs of Medina County’s youth can be great - the levy, so generously passed in 2019, helps Job and Family Services provide for their care. 

Levy dollars also provide a crucial funding source for the Medina County Office for Older Adults and the Medina County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Board (ADAMH) who both provide critical services and supports to other vulnerable citizens in our community. Sustaining the Human Services levy helps all three agencies continue these supports and the tireless work in improving the quality of life for members in the community. Your participation in this fundraising event will certainly help. 

Check out the April 30th event details on Root18 CrossFit’s FaceBook page. 
Contributions can be made by signing up for the event at Root18 CrossFit https://bit.ly/376d2Im.  
If you’d like to do the workout at your own gym (or home gym) you can still select that link to make a donation!
If working out isn’t your thing, but contributing is, you can donate here: https://bit.ly/3x7dvVM.
Digital forms of payment not your thing?  That’s okay!  You can send a check to “Citizens for Medina County Human Services” and mail to 345 E. Washington St.; Medina, OH 44256.

Medina County Job and Family Services has vowed to protect these youth. 
The levy helps us meet those critical care needs. 

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