Adjustment Review of My Support Order

The CSEA can review a current child support order every 36 months from the date of the last review of the order. We may be able to review it sooner if qualifications are met and REQUIRED documentation is provided by the requestor.

If the Agency is unable to modify the support order for any reason, the parties can file a motion to modify in Domestic Relations Court.

Adjustment Review Process

  • A party to a case requests an Administrative Review of the Support Order by completing a request for an Administrative Review of the Child Support Order. The request can be mailed to you by contacting our agency or you can print it out at, complete the request, and mail or fax it back to the agency.
  • The caseworker reviews the request within 15 days and determines if it is approved or denied. If the request is denied, the caseworker will send a letter to the requestor advising the request has been denied and why. If the request has been approved…
  • A review packet is sent to both parties, requesting financial information, to be returned by the scheduled review date.
  • Both parties are required to return the packet with all requested information. If the requestor of the review does not return the packet, the review will be canceled. If the other party does not return the information, the CSEA will conduct the review and may make any reasonable assumptions necessary with respect to the income information the parent did not provide.
  • The caseworker will run the Guideline calculation with all of the information necessary to determine the child support and cash medical support obligation to be paid by the obligor.
  • After the review has been conducted, the parties will receive the Findings and Recommendations in the mail. The parties have 14 calendar days to object to the findings.
  • If neither party objects, the order is typed and sent to be filed with the court, if the parties current order is a court order. Administrative orders are typed and mailed to both parties and will become final if neither party files objections with the court within 14 days.


Is there a way to find out if support will increase or decrease before I request the review?

You can access Ohio’s Child Support Calculator at

While it is difficult to know how the support will change without knowing the other party’s financial information, this site can be useful.

Does the CSEA automatically review my support order?

The CSEA does not automatically review a child support order, a party to the case would need to request a review to have one done. The CSEA MAY schedule a review if the obligee is receiving public assistance and it has been 36 months since the last review.

Do you modify arrears only orders?

The agency cannot review arrears only orders.  If you feel that you cannot afford the payment on arrears, you would need to file a motion in court to amend the arrears payment.

Do you modify spousal support orders?

The agency DOES NOT review spousal support orders.  If you feel you cannot afford the payment on your spousal support order, you would need to file a motion in court to amend the spousal support obligation amount.

Do you count my spouse’s or the other parent’s spouse’s income?

NO–The only income used to determine a child support obligation is the parents of the child(ren) on the order.  We do not include the spouse(s) income in the Guideline calculation.

Why do I have to provide proof of my situation when requesting a modification prior to 3 years?

Because we need proof of a 30% increase or decrease in income to review the order earlier than three years. This is for either party.  The agency will deny your request for an early review without the required documentation. If it has been less than 3 years the documentation of the qualifying change is required and MUST be attached to the Request for an Administrative Review of the Support Order (JFS 01849)

How long does it take to know if the Modification is granted or denied?

Within 15 days.

Do I have to appear at the Administrative Review?

No. The initial review date is done in the agency without either party present. Both parties will receive the recommendation for the revised child support/cash medical support/health insurance coverage in the mail.

Is my employer notified right away to amend my wage withholding?

No.  Nothing is changed in the system until the adjusted child support order is signed by the hearing officer or by the judge and filed.  When you receive the “Findings and Recommendations” in the mail, they are just a recommendation, not a final order.  Both parties have 14 days to object to the Findings and Recommendations.  You should not take the “recommendation” to your employer and tell them to change your wage withholding.  The CSEA will send your employer an amended wage withholding when the order is finalized.

I have a new Divorce/Dissolution order and I don’t agree with it, can you help?

Any Divorce or Dissolution action, including but not limited to child support, medical support, custody, visitation, property settlements, must be handled/filed in court.

We Agreed Child Support would be $0.00 in a court order. I now want Support, can you help me?

If you agreed in a court order that child support would be set at $0.00 (for any reason) and you now want support, we cannot assist you with modifying your child support order.  You must file a motion to modify in court if you want child support modified.