Protective Services

Child Protective Services
The agency receives referrals alleging abuse and neglect of children under age 18 in the community. When a potential referral is received, it is screened in by trained social workers to determine appropriate action. Some families are assigned to trained social workers who use a strength based approach to assess the risk to the child and determine the appropriate intervention to maintain the child with the family.

In some situations, a child cannot be safely maintained in their living situation and out of home placement is deemed necessary by the juvenile court. Every effort is made to place children with family members. Foster homes or other out of home substitute care placements are secured for a child based on the child’s needs.

Adult Protective Services
Social Workers respond to concerns of abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults age 60 and over residing in the community. Social workers assess the risk to the adult in their living situation, determine the appropriate intervention and offer services to enable the adult to remain independent in the community.

When a viable plan cannot be developed to assure an older adult can be maintained in the community, the probate court may be petitioned for protective orders or establish a guardian to be responsible for the adult and assist with medical, financial and other important decisions.

To Report Child Abuse or Elder Abuse
To report abuse concerns for children or the elderly, call 330-661-0800 during normal business hours. For an after hour report, contact the Medina County Sheriff’s department at 330-725-6631 and they will page the on-call social worker.