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Foster Care Myths

 We call them "myths," but that doesn't mean you're wrong to wonder.
What is stopping you from finding out more about becoming a foster parent?
Maybe it's not what you think.
Don't say no before you know!


FOSTER MYTH 1: I’m not needed. 

Between January 2022 and June 2023, Medina County saw a 75% increase of children in custody.

We know Medina County is small and cute. But that doesn’t mean families aren’t struggling. Currently there are over 150 children in our foster care system in Medina County and only 50 licensed foster families. Wouldn’t it be great if this one wasn’t a myth? The truth is, the need has never been greater. If you’ve ever thought about helping kids and families in our community, now is the time!

FOSTER MYTH 2: I can’t make a difference.

It can feel overwhelming to hear that there are over 400,000 children in the foster care system in the U.S. You don’t need to foster them all. If you can help even one child, isn’t that enough? You might be just the right home for a child, and that is world-changing! Don’t overthink it. You might not be able to change the whole world, but you could change the world for one child. 

FOSTER MYTH 3: I don’t have time.

We know that families are busy! You don’t need to pause your life to be a foster parent. You just need to be able to welcome a child into your home and let them be part of your hurry. And the training needed to become a foster parent is now available virtually, so it has truly never been easier!

FOSTER MYTH 4: I wouldn’t be good at it. 

It’s true that many children in foster care have come from hard places and need some support to heal. We provide you with the training you need to understand a child’s needs; and we have dedicated staff to support you along the way. If you have a heart for kids and a little patience, you can be a successful foster parent!

FOSTER MYTH 5: I can’t afford it. 

Yes, raising kids is expensive. But so worth it! Foster families receive a daily stipend and government aid for children placed in their homes. And the only space you need is room for their stuff and a place to sleep. Children need a safe, stable, and loving home more than they need a big house and lots of things. The difference you’ll make? Priceless.

FOSTER MYTH 6: I won’t have a say in who is placed in my home.

While you cannot choose the specific children you foster, you can specify an age range and gender you prefer. You will not always know much about a child being placed in your home, but you always have the option to accept or decline a placement request. The unknown can feel daunting, but foster parents have the privilege of choosing to open their home to children who didn’t choose to be in foster care.

FOSTER MYTH 7: I’d get too attached.

OK, you got us. This one is not a myth. You will get attached. And that’s one of the best things that could happen for these kids. The greatest gift you can give a child as a foster parent is love, stability, security, and trust – all things needed to form an attachment. Yes, it’s hard to be a foster parent. But it’s harder to be a child without one. If you worry you would get too attached, you’d probably be perfect for the job!

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