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Changes Coming to Ohio’s Child Support Program

Starting on July 1, 2019, the Ohio e-QuickPay Debit MasterCard will be discontinued, and a new card will take its place: the smiONE payment card.

For a smooth transition:

  • Make sure your child support enforcement agency (CSEA) has your correct address on file.
  • Keep your e-QuickPay card until you spend down the balance. The balance will NOT transfer, and it still can be used after July 1.

Questions? Visit or contact your CSEA. To find your CSEA, visit

Helpful Links

Visit the Webportal at or click below to view and update your case information 24 hours a day.  Contact your caseworker via private message and get payment printouts.
View Case

Need Assistance Seeking Employment:

How to register for Ohio Means Jobs:

Ohio Means Jobs Website:

Making a payment on your child support case(s)

When making a payment, make sure your NAME, SETS Case Number (ten digits and starts with a 7), and ORDER Number are printed CLEARLY on your form of payment to ensure proper credit to your account. You can make a payment in the following ways:



(checking/saving account debit)
fees may apply


(credit/debit card, Discover/Mastercard)
fees may apply


1-866-645-6348 (payment by credit or debit card fees may apply)


OR 1-800-923-9400 to find MoneyGram locations

  • Cash Payment: child support payment plus $3.99 fee
  • Account Number: SETS# and Court Order#
  • Receive Code: 14674


OCSPC, PO Box 182372,
Columbus, OH 43218

To ensure proper credit of your payment, you MUST include your Name, Sets #, and Order # on every payment.  Failure to do so may result in a delay in posting your payment. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


We only accept cash in the exact amount at our local office and are not able to provide change. Thank you for understanding.  A receipt will be provided at the time of payment for your records.